You are great at what you do! stay on it!
— Dappy - UK music artist, Multi MOBO Award winner
— skepta - BET Award for Best International Act: UK
Nye Inks is one of my oldest childhood friends, so to see his business growing strong is a blessing... His pen skills are matched by no other so make sure you follow & get inked.
— Arnold Oceng (Actor - Brotherhood/Music Artist)
Nye Inks has always had a passion for ink he’s always seen tattoos as a work of art that he always appreciate no matter what someone’s reason or motivation may have been for their particular design. Being creative individual myself I can relate to him because he’s always wanted to push the bar high when it comes to work and give people more than what they would consider the best!
— Clencha (Broadcast Journalist)
they are one of the sickest



We work with the best materials available and never compromise on quality. We aim to give our clients realistic schedules that work around them. We believe in our customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the work is complete.


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London born Jason Cudapas, a qualified Graphic Designer, first encountered the life of tattooing when he saw the absolute addiction and appreciation individuals felt for ink. NYE (Need You Everyday) Inks connotes the fixation of ink on ones body and ones obsession of body art.

N.Y.E Inks thrive from great challenges, bending the rules and boundaries to assemble and compose prodigious confounding art work as well as creating something unique to cater to each individual needs.